Heritage Council – Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2020

We were very grateful to receive a grant from the Heritage Council to conserve and refurbish Ilen’s accommodation areas in October/November 2020. Though relaunched in 2018, the memory of which has not dimmed, the Ilen has had a very active operational life. What between two Atlantic crossings, numerous coastal and day trips, visitor open days, … Continue reading Heritage Council – Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2020

Community & Cargo 2020

The Ilen Marine School’s – Community and Cargo 2020 Programme continues. Transportation of cargo to coastal communities was the original purpose of our flagship (floating Classroom) Ilen. Consequently, late last year, pre-pandemic, we decided to recommence her seaborne cargo trade which had come to an end sometime in the early 1980s. We planned to do … Continue reading Community & Cargo 2020