Kingship is an educational, art, and cultural programme to celebrate Limerick’s mediaeval and contemporary English Town.

The programme takes what Limerick has culturally, historically, locally and universally to cultivate a greater community and individual appreciation of this ancient city enclave.

Kinship-FlagMediaeval Limerick on the tidal Shannon River maintained a European cosmopolitan culture which today is primarily unknown. Its enterprising merchants and mariners traded on the seas with Portugal, Spain, France, and England.

Limerick City participating students will discover an imaginative and visual way to explore their homeplace through this Kingship programme – specifically its mediaeval and ancient underpinnings.

kingship-educational-programmeThrough explorative methodologies of taking walks through the locality, sketching exercises, talks with local historians, and meditation workshops, students will explore the mediaeval island and landmarks within it.

Creatively these will be brought back into the classroom within the realm of mandala making workshops with students from 3rd – 6th class creating individual mandalas as well as a collaborative class one.

kingship-educational-programme-2The entire school will have the opportunity to take part in recreating the Kingship circular emblem that was explored by the community in St. Mary’s cathedral earlier in September of 2021.

The Kingship Programme revolves on a circular emblem, a symbolic depiction in a graphical and colourful style of Limerick’s mediaeval and walled English Town. This style will allow students to find artistic and imaginative expression through dynamic class craft exercises delivered by experienced socially engaged artists. All materials supplied are free from the Ilen Marine School.

The Kingship Programme commenced at St. Mary’s Cathedral, English Town, in September 2021, where its robust emblem was rendered through the medium of a traditional sand mandala. An Ilen Marine School, Kingship event was a wonderful occasion for visitors and participants alike.

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Photographs © Deirdre Power