Heritage Council – Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2020

heritage-councilWe were very grateful to receive a grant from the Heritage Council to conserve and refurbish Ilen’s accommodation areas in October/November 2020.

Though relaunched in 2018, the memory of which has not dimmed, the Ilen has had a very active operational life. What between two Atlantic crossings, numerous coastal and day trips, visitor open days, not to mention this year’s cargo voyage, the wear and tear on the good ship was becoming more and more evident.

Fortunately, the Ilen being a luck ship, there came together a serendipitous project that sailed purposefully through the challenge of getting work done at a time of travel restrictions, sourcing funds and finding good craftspeople.

The photographs below capture the newly conserved Ilen accommodation areas, which will continue to shelter, in a convivial manner, all who visit the good ship Ilen.

We hope you will visit the Ilen soon.

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