That’s a wrap on Limerick Mental Health Week 2021

Our 56ft-restored trading ketch Ilen of 1926 vintage is already renowned for her excellent wellness and recovery programme work. It’s one of the ship’s many interests that were vividly high-lighted at her home port when she and the city’s waterfront at Steamboat Quay were floodlit in green to launch Mental Health Week.

The Mayor of Limerick, Daniel Butler, was among those on board to reinforce the ship’s connections with the port and its people, and to emphasise that raising mental health awareness is a special challenge for his city and its citizens, as the stresses of modern life have been exacerbated by a higher-than-average incidence of COVID19 with its related fatalities.


Ilen-Mental-Health-launch-in-Green-2 Ilen-Mental-Health-launch-in-Green-08-10-2021-DLAbove: Gary MacMahon, Ilen Marine School Director, Professor Kerstin Mey, President University of Limerick & Anthony Keane OSB, Director Ilen Marine School

Photographs © Limerick Mental Health Association & Dermot Lynch

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