Racing Dingy Test Drive

13-07-14: CityOne Racing Dinghy Test Drive

The first CityOne racing dinghy took to the water and air today, exceeding all expectations of her assembled creators. She was simply a joy to sail, and though breezes were moderate she seems to have attained all those ambitious performance qualities her focused design brief set the development project that shaped her.

The CityOne, which is easy to use and quickly get familiar with, is also easy to board, facilitated by an open, functional and spacious cockpit. Her mast-to-boom gnav system frees-up further space for fast tacking manoeuvres.

Further trials next week will reveal more characteristics, but for now her excellent performance represents a major milestone in a wonderful and dynamic educational adventure at the Ilen School – and she looks just great!

Photo Above: City One Trials – Her First Test Drive

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