Day One in Venice

30-04-14: Day One in Venice for our Gandelow Boats and Crews

The first few photos have started to come through from the Gandelow Racing team in Venice (now that they have figured out how to turn on data roaming on their phones!)

After the boats were discharged and launched in Venice the Ilen School shipwrights and Gandelow racing crews, accompanied by Mayor of Limerick Kathleen Leddin and Helen Creed from the Limerick City of Culture office, voyaged around the island – famous worldwide for its Murano glass craftsmanship.

The tourists are taking photos of our beautiful boats, with their new handcarved gold-leaf Irish harps, assuming they are local boats tied-up on the Canale Grande.

Flying the flag for Limerick the Gandelow boats and crews are going down a treat on these magnificent islands.

Photo Above: Looking the part on Murano’s Canale Grande

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