13-11-12: Limerick Gandelows Captured

The Limerick Gandelow is a beautiful, vague and floating thing, and a boat which is raced on the Shannon. The chase has begun to capture its essence and define its form. Leading British naval architect and yacht designer, Theo Rye, is lending his expertise and coming to Limerick on Wednesday 7th of November 2012, to assist the local experts in their endeavour to nail the definitive Limerick Gandelow that lurks behind several disguises, fronts, and other manifestations.

The result should be the definition of class, a beautiful boat, swift on river and fearless at sea, capable of being rowed or lightly sailed, beamy abaft and reckless of the deep and shallows.

With lines drawn up, the Ilen Wooden Boat Building School will then proceed to build a fleet, in readiness for the Great Limerick Gandelow Race, of May 2013 and the Greater Limerick Gandelow Race of 2014, when Limerick becomes the Cultural Capital of Ireland.

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