Gandelow Gang on Tour

01-05-14: Meet The Gandelow Gang…On Tour

The Gandelow Gang assemble for going-home photograph with Mayor of Limerick Kathleen Leddin and Helen Creed of Limerick City of Culture office, on the steps of the dock at Scala della Miscericordia, Venice.

Photo Above: Front Row (l-r) Shane Griffin, Seamus McDonagh, Brother Anthony Keane, Helen Creed, Kathleen Leddin, Joanna Purcell
2nd Row (l-r) Maurice Foley, Michael Pearl, Ger Ryan, James Madigan, Ger Mason, Anthony Kenny, John McInerney, Joe Enright
3rd Row (l-r) Trevor Wayne, Mike Grimes, Eoin MacMahon, Jim McInerney, Robert Kenny
4th Row (l-r) Michael Quinn, Matt Dirr, Pete McMahon, Anthony Duhan, Thomas Grimes
Back Row (l-r) Liam O’Donoghue, Mantas Seskauskis, Robert Small

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