President Higgins meets the Ilen School

01-10-14: President Michael D Higgins Visits CityOne Exhibition

President Michael D. Higgins visits “Naumachia in the Cathedral”

The Ilen Boat Building School is holding a Naumachia at St Mary’s Cathedral Limerick, a navigation in the nave, where the new CityOne Limerick fleet is being exhibited. The fleet of racing boats have been built in Limerick, as part of City of Culture celebrations. Each sail is a canvas designed as part of the recent CityOne International Graphic Arts Competition.

Directors of the Ilen School, Gary MacMahon and Brother Anthony Keane, were delighted to welcome President Higgins and his wife Sabina to the exhibition today and introduce him to the team of local craftsmen, community educationalists and volunteers that made the magic happen in recent months.

Speaking during the visit, President Higgins commented:

“The international design dimension to the CityOne project is to be highly commended.

I very much want to thank everyone involved in staging this exhibition here in this magnificent 12thC building. What a great tribute it is to those who put all the original stones in place that there is something new of the human spirit and craft being exhibited here. These boat builders, they are consummate craftsmen.

It is such a pleasure to be here with you today. I am delighted that the Ilen School project is part of the Limerick City of Culture. Isn’t is wonderful that these skills are being passed down so that more and more people can take part and for the community to see such inspiring craft.”

Photo Above: President Michael D Higgins meeting Ilen School team (l-r): James Madigan, Michael Grimes, Gary Wilmott, Tony Broe

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