Winning City One Designs

15-09-14: Winning Designs for CityOne Fleet

Our sincerest thanks to the designers from all over the world who accepted our invitation to take part in this exciting design competition.

Over the past few weeks the winning hulls and sail designs for the CityOne fleet have been put into production and will debut in Limerick City on the weekend of September 20th for the Gangelow Gang Races.

Congratulations and Thanks to:

Cale Funderburk, Texas, USA
André Aguiar, Algueirao Mem-Martins, Portugal
Kashyap Gohel, Mombasa, Kenya
Con Ryan, Limerick, Ireland

It is going to be BEYOND exciting for racing crews and spectators to see these amazing boats racing in Limerick City next weekend.

Photo Above: Winning Designs for CityOne Fleet – from the US, Portugal, Kenya and Ireland

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